The problem is that

we don’t want to forgive,

we only want revenge.

She did bad to me so I will be bad,

He didn’t care about my problem

So why should I help him out.

Instead of forgiving them and

making peace we want them

To suffer which causes

Suffering to ourselves.

You can never be happy

If you want others to be sad,

You will never look good

if you want to see others suffer.

Learn to forgive people for

what they did to you because

Grudges won’t let you live peacefully.

                                                                                                       – Chandrika Sud



Hold me before I fall

hold me before I slip

hold me dear heart

before I lose my grip.


We waited for it the most when we were kids and when it is in front of us, we don’t want to leave, here comes the most beautiful journey of life to an end, our amazing school life , the things we have learned, the experiences we have gained, nothing can be compared to the love and care of our very own comfort zone, when did we grow? Why did we grow so fast? Can’t we stay here, being little again, without any worries and pains, how will life change, how will be the new people i will meet, would they be able to give me the same comfort and care I’ve always got, today i feel so nostalgic about the school dress and shoes, i hated the most. Isn’t it so ironic.

But life has to go on, we cannot stay here, we have to move out of our confined areas, the world is big, the world awaits to know you, you are not alone in this journey, today as you move out from this phase of your life, someone else will also, someone will just have a baby and their family would grow to three, someone would get married and their life would transform, someone will breath their last today and will leave behind their loved ones weeping, LIFE IS CHANGING, TIME IS MOVING, IT WILL NOT STOP, IN THE SAME WAY, YOU ALSO HAVE TO WALK, life has alot to show you, your life will change but know it is for the good, know that you will get the best, just don’t give up, smile through whatever is coming, and you will not only go through it but also grow through it. 


At this moment, 

when you feel that

nothing is working out, 

know that things are

taking place in the best way. 

When you feel that 

you are falling apart, 

you are just getting stronger. 

When you feel that

there’s nothing good left, 

Just look around and 

you’ll find 100 beautiful things

and each time when you  

least expect anything, 

Life will surprise you.


Cancer, detected at last stage, 

The old man, who was,

Dying a little everyday, 

Was very very happy,

His illness had united,

His children who had parted,

Their ways long back.


Being a lady is not so easy, 

Right from the birth comes responsibility,

Becoming a daughter, 

A Sister and a support system.

Only a daughters tantrums,

can melt her angry dad

Growing up is not easy either,

Making your own identity becomes,

A must for yourself, 

Outdoors and indoors both

to be managed equally.

Carrying oneself with panache,

which makes a lady feel beautiful

from within.

Both kids and elders to be 

taken care of.

Heaps of tensions and struggles

are to be faced and 

won everyday.

No time and patience for 

mental breakdowns to take

place either,

Being a lady is not so easy.


Warm blankets and hot coffee,

in heated rooms,

Only when we strive hard, 

our life blooms,

Always guarded, 

always pampered,

Underestimating oneself,

Not used to the cold, 

Not comfortable with the winds,

Not knowing about our capabilities,

Not familiar to the externalities,

The day we move out, 

of our comfort zone, 

is where life begins ..