When your favourite food, 

spoils or rots, you have to, 

throw it away because, 

it cannot be eaten anymore, 

same is the case with, 

your favourite people.


The moon shining bright, 

clouds came once and twice,

None of them could cover the,

moon’s shine but each one of,

them, became a lover of his,

Very beautiful light.


Short temper was the only thing,

which she couldn’t conquer,

she used to get angry,

on small issues,

she tried not to care,

but that is how she was,

she couldn’t help,

but stay the same.


We waited for it the most when we were kids and when it is in front of us, we don’t want to leave, here comes the most beautiful journey of life to an end, our amazing school life , the things we have learned, the experiences we have gained, nothing can be compared to the love and care of our very own comfort zone, when did we grow? Why did we grow so fast? Can’t we stay here, being little again, without any worries and pains, how will life change, how will be the new people i will meet, would they be able to give me the same comfort and care I’ve always got, today i feel so nostalgic about the school dress and shoes, i hated the most. Isn’t it so ironic. But life has to go on, we cannot stay here, we have to move out of our confined areas, the world is big, the world awaits to know you, you are not alone in this journey, today as you move out from this phase of your life, someone else will also, someone will just have a baby and their family would grow to three, someone would get married and their life would transform, someone will breath their last today and will leave behind his loved ones weeping, LIFE IS CHANGING, TIME IS MOVING, IT WILL NOT STOP, IN THE SAME WAY, YOU ALSO HAVE TO WALK, life has alot to show you, your life will change but know it is for the good, know that you will get the best, just don’t give up, smile through whatever is coming, and you will not only go through it but also grow through it. 


We regret, because we miss, 

We miss, because we love, 

We love, because we care, 

We care, because we need, 

We need because we are humans.


Childhood memory don’t ever fade,

We miss and weep for this is fate,

Still Not so old, not that gray,

To relive that old little day. 


Eyes get minds blown,

They have a language of their own,

Not everyone can easily crack the tone,

But they hold secrets unknown. 

WORLD HEALTH DAY 7/April/2017 DEPRESSION – LET’S TALK #worldhealthday

This world health day, let’s talk about depression openly, let’s not forget that our mental health is also very important.In today’s time, where competition is growing so much, everyone has to take part in the mad rat race, and run for their survival, if not, one is tagged as a looser, coward and more let’s stop tagging people unnecessarily, because everyone is good at something or the other, not everyone can be the same like you, let’s respect our differences and learn to live with them peacefully. It is often seem nowadays, that depression among young people, is creating too much of imbalance in their life and ultimately leading to degradation of their mental health, depression is not a deadly disease, it can be fought, and won over, when we try to figure out the reasons, we find, in the school going children, depression, can be because of the cut throat competition, in the college going students, depression is due to mainly failing in examinations and much more, it’s okay to be not okay, it’s okay to feel bad about it, but it’s just not okay, when we let it drain ourselves, and fall into the vicious circle of depression. Comparing oneself with others is utter foolishness, because it is our journey, we make it beautiful, we all alone have to travel in this beautiful journey called life, everyone has been given a different story to write, it is not even 1% same, we are given different challenges by life, and we are capable enough to get through it. On this world health day ūüĆé let’s talk about our depression and try to figure out the solutions for our problems which are a great burden on us. Quote by the bible – ” KEEP YOUR HEAD UP, GOD GIVES THE HARDEST BATTLES, TO HIS STRONGEST SOLDIERS “. 


Its Amazing How time flies, 

how things change,

People who are with us today,

Won’t stay,

Someday, Everyone and,

Everything becomes a mere memory …